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“Split Double Team” Kickoff Coverage Drill

In today’s video blog post, we are looking at a kickoff coverage drill called the “Split Double Team” Drill.   The Double Team is very important if you are going to face wedge teams, or if you have teams that are kicking out. * This station drill is also very useful in evaluating your players in…

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free safety zone reaction drill 2

Defensive Back Free Safety Zone Reaction Drill

The wrong zone defense will get beaten no matter how hard you practice or what drills you work on. Having a good scheme is vital. The important piece of running a successful zone is to be able to tailor it to the offense you’re playing. You want to have a couple of different sets ready…

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corner zone reaction drill

Defensive Back Corner Zone Reaction Drill

Once we’ve taught our corners and our safetys a zone flip, in other words, how to transition their hips, open and run and keeping a receiver on the outside, we can take it one step further by making our zone defender in deep third coverage defend two players in their zone with this awesome defensive…

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zone flip technique

Zone Flip Technique for the Defensive Back

The focus of the zone flip technique is to take away the inside release simply by moving your alignment in 2 yards. Zone flip means the defensive back will turn the rear of his body to the sideline, and his eyes to the inside so he can watch the receiver and the quarterback. Zone Flip…

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quarterback fundamentals decision making 2

Quarterback Fundamentals: Decision Making & The Decision Drill Run

An important phase in the development of a quarterback is the decision making process. Too many times, coaches fail to incorporate decision making drills into their practice plan, and they expect a player to go out into a football game and react to situations that he may never have seen. Anytime you can set up…

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