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Football Practice Drills – Punting & Kick-Offs

Try these football practice drills with your players. This is a football tip that works well for all ages but especially with your new high school team who may just be starting out with tackle football.

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Youth Football Training – Soft Hands Catch

For youth football training, I like to use this football drill to teach my players how to develop soft hands which is necessary to catch properly. This drill is fun and quickly shows immediate cause and effect of doing this football drill correctly or incorrectly.

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Conditioning Drills for Football – Tackle Tag

Here is one of the conditioning drills for football that I use for team building and open field tackling. We call this drill Tackle Tag.

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Football Offensive Plays – Shutdown

Here is one of the football offensive plays we teach our offensive linemen when we are trying to draw an offsides penalty is called “shutdown”. We call a play and the count is shutdown.

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Youth Football Drills – Fumble Recovery

Here are a couple of youth football drills to try with your youth teams. The first is a fumble recovery drill we run at practice. The second is a good football drill for running backs, especially the younger players.

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