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Defensive football plays are the foundation of any successful team. Offense can come and go, your quarterback can have an off day, or the weather might make your execution shaky at best. Defense can be a consistent competitive advantage for your team and if select the appropriate strategy and execute it effectively.

Slant and Hitch Zone Coverage Play

Play Type:   Zone Coverage Purpose Practice timing and route running, two of the finer aspects of the passing game, that are going to help you bring your percentage way up, and your interceptions way down. Setup Put the receivers on opposite sides of the field. Execution On the one side, the receiver will run a…

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Hook and Flat Zone Coverage Play

Play Type:   Zone Coverage Purpose By running a hook on the outside with a slant coming underneath towards the sideline, you are isolating the safety, and forcing him to come up and bite on the hook, leaving the slant uncovered, or sitting back and allowing the completion underneath. Setup Set up a series of garbage…

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4-3 Defense – Freeky Fire Zone Blitz

Play Type: Zone Blitz Setup An exotic blitz that will expose all but the most disciplined offensive lines. Effective on all passing downs.   Execution For this play the defense will come out in their cover 1 alignment, with the strong safety up in the box, and the free safety back deep in centerfield. Defensive…

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3-4 Defense – Cover 4 Zone

Play Type: Zone Coverage Setup When the offense is looking to complete a deep pass – 3rd and long, or at the end of a half or the game – this is a fantastic playcall. While it leaves the underneath routes open, with all four members of the secondary back, it’s very difficult for the…

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2 Killer Drills to Improve Pass Blocking Skills

pass blocking

2 Drills to Improve Pass Blocking Skills In today’s video blog post, we are talking about 2 great drills to improve your pass blocking skills – the “3 Point Mirror Drill” and the “Beat ‘Em Drill”. These drills work on moving laterally and not leaning the body, while reinforcing the lockout, the punch, the timing,…

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