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pass blocking

2 Killer Drills to Improve Pass Blocking Skills

2 Drills to Improve Pass Blocking Skills In today’s video blog post, we are talking about 2 great drills to improve your pass blocking skills – the “3 Point Mirror Drill” and the “Beat ‘Em Drill”. These drills work on moving laterally and not leaning the body, while reinforcing the lockout, the punch, the timing,…

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defensive blitz video

Video: Defensive Blitz Packages

During this video, you’re going to learn about a few football plays that utilize blitzes. Here are some highlights of what you’ll see in the video: SMash Blitz – Sam & Mike With this football play, we’re playing cover one behind it because we’re expecting something to develop quickly. Our quarterbacks will press the receivers…

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youth football coaching

Video: Defending the Wing-T-Concepts and Strategies

The above youth football video discusses the main philosophy and various concepts when approaching how to defend against a wing-T team. Here are the  main points: The main philosophy is to be an attacking defense—to get upfield and disrupt what’s going on with the offensive side. As a youth football coach, you then want to…

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