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This football drills section contains dozens of skill building activities you can run in practice for every position on the field. Included in this collection of football drills you’ll find quarterback drills, receiver drills, blocking drills, tackling drills and more.

“Ready, Set, Hut” Team Drill

Drill Type: Team Drill Purpose: This team drill will help players to get in the proper stance pre-snap. It will also help them explode on the snap of the ball. Set Up: Players get in lines across the field. Each player needs to be able to have the space to explode forward. (The quarterbacks will…

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Simon Shows

Drill Type: Team Reaction Drill Purpose: Much of football is seeing and reacting as the play develops. This drill will help players learn to read and react.  This is similar to the children’s game “Simon Says” except you show the players how to move with a football. Set Up: Players stand facing the coach. They…

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Score Tackling Drill

Drill Type:  Linebacker Drill Purpose This drill isolates the linebacker and puts him in a position where they have to make a read and wrap up the ball carrier one on one. Set Up Set up 4 bags (or lines of cones) and set up a player on one side with the ball, and another…

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“Around The Corner” Drill

Drill Type:  Linebacker Drill Purpose This drill focuses on the lineman’s footwork, and their ability to explode not only off the line, but through the quarterback. Set Up Set up a tackle dummy, and stand 5-7 yards in front of it. Place two cones; one a little bit further out than where your offensive tackle…

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Simon Says

Drill Type:  Linebacker Drill Purpose This drill is great for not only improving a player’s agility, but also improves their reaction time, and teaches them that they should keep an eye on what’s happening with the quarterback at all times. Set Up Have your player(s) start off lying face down on the ground, watching the…

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