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This football drills section contains dozens of skill building activities you can run in practice for every position on the field. Included in this collection of football drills you’ll find quarterback drills, receiver drills, blocking drills, tackling drills and more.

The “Score” Drill

Drill Type:  Running Back Drill Purpose This running back drill focuses on playing close to the goal line, as 4 defenders try to hit and knock the runner to the outside. Set Up With the running back on the 20 yard line, space 4 defenders at each of the 5 yard lines to and icnluding…

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Cushion Drill

Drill Type:  Defensive Back Drill Purpose This defensive back drill focuses on cushioning the receiver so that player cannot get behind the defensive back. Set Up Place the receiver at the line of scrimmage, with your defensive back facing him 10 yards away. Execution The receiver will take off running and the defensive back will…

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Around-the-Bag Drill

Drill Type:  Linebacker Drill Purpose This linebacker drill focuses on preventing overextension. Set Up Places 1 bag (or 3 cones) between the 0 and 5 yard lines. Execution The offensive man will initiate the drill. He’s going to move to his right and come halfway down the bag. When the defensive man makes contact with…

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“14 Cones” Linebacker Drill for Fumble Recovery

Drill Type:  Linebacker Drill Purpose This linebacker drill teaches players to maintain a good hitting position, bending at the knees and staying in that proper position at all times. Set Up Use 14 cones and one bag, and position them as shown in the diagram below. Execution On the command “go,” the linebacker will come…

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Three Weave Drill

Drill Type:  Defensive Back Drill Purpose Allows players to become comfortable with attacking a receiver three times in different directions. Set Up Place 2 players 5 yards apart, facing each other, with one player on the line of scrimmage.   Execution Working against a receiver, you’re going to work on the weave in that transition–the…

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