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This football drills section contains dozens of skill building activities you can run in practice for every position on the field. Included in this collection of football drills you’ll find quarterback drills, receiver drills, blocking drills, tackling drills and more.

90 Degree Cut Cone Drill

Drill Type:  Wide Receiver Drill Purpose This drill will improve your wide receiver’s speed, agility and response time. Set Up Set up six cones so that they are in 90-degree angles to one another.  This will allow you to work on your out-cuts.   Execution Begin at one end on the outside of the cones,…

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Draw and Screen Drill

Drill Type:  Pass Rush Drill Purpose Allows players to gain better take-off, great movement and acceleration to the quarterback. Set Up Set up 4 pop up dummies onthe line of scrimmage. Place 2 or more players behind the line of scrimmage. The coach should be positioned about 7 yards back, as if he were in…

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Leading the Receiver Drill

Play Type:   Quarterback Drill Purpose To develop timing between the quarterback and receiver, teaching the quarterback how to lead the receiver. Setup The quarterback will stand at the line of scrimmage with a ball in hand, with wide receiver split out to one side.   Execution The quarterback will take the snap, and take a…

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Pyramid Course Drill

Drill Type:  Wide Receiver Drill Purpose This wide receiver drill forces players to make three catches in quick succession – one heading from right to left, one heading from left to right, and one over the shoulder catch. This drill forces players to learn how to anticipate where they’ll go after making the catch, while…

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The Single-Barrel Drill

Drill Type:  Running Back Drill Purpose In this youth football drill, the barrel serves as an offensive lineman or an offensive blocker.  And we’re running right behind the blocker, who is blocking a defender. Set Up Set up 6 dummies, 5 yards apart starting at the 5 yard line. Execution The defender’s going to step…

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