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This football drills section contains dozens of skill building activities you can run in practice for every position on the field. Included in this collection of football drills you’ll find quarterback drills, receiver drills, blocking drills, tackling drills and more.

The Gap Drill

Drill Type:  Offensive Line Drill Purpose This drill focuses on reading and plugging up gaps before the ball carrier can get out into the linebacking core or secondary. Set Up Set up seven cones, giving the offensive player 6 holes to choose from. Execution On your signal, the offensive player will choose a side, and…

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Pyramid Course Drill

Drill Type:  Wide Receiver Drill Purpose This wide receiver drill forces players to make three catches in quick succession – one heading from right to left, one heading from left to right, and one over the shoulder catch. This drill forces players to learn how to anticipate where they’ll go after making the catch, while…

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The Single-Barrel Drill

Drill Type:  Running Back Drill Purpose In this youth football drill, the barrel serves as an offensive lineman or an offensive blocker.  And we’re running right behind the blocker, who is blocking a defender. Set Up Set up 6 dummies, 5 yards apart starting at the 5 yard line. Execution The defender’s going to step…

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Ping Pong Drill

Drill Type:  Defensive Back Drill Purpose This defensive back drill allows players to practice getting the best turn situation in terms of covering the maximum amount of ground.  The emphasis here is not on the speed so much as the technique. Set Up Set up 2 cones – one on the goal line and one…

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Zone Mesh Drill

Drill Type:  Defensive Back Drill Purpose This special teams drill helps the kickoff team practice executing an onside kick.  We’re going to have two sets of quarterbacks and runners going at once, to make the most effective use of time and space. Set Up Have your quarterback line up with the runner in the backfield…

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