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This football drills section contains dozens of skill building activities you can run in practice for every position on the field. Included in this collection of football drills you’ll find quarterback drills, receiver drills, blocking drills, tackling drills and more.

The Cupping Drill for Pass Protection

Play Type:   Pass Protection Purpose You must have good teamwork and technique for successful pass protection. This drill teaches linemen the cupping shape to create a pocket and protect the quarterback. Setup Coach sets up in the QB position with offensive linemen in front of him, on the line of scrimmage. Execution Coach calls Hut…

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Wave Drill

Play Type:   Linebacker Drill Purpose Teach runners to attack the hole and drive heart, and teach tackling positions to read a ball carrier and stop the attack. Setup Players in two lines, facing each other 5 yards apart, one line with the ball for running, the other line as tackling. Using cones, coach makes two…

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3 Step Drop Technique

Play Type:   Quarterback Drill Purpose To teach the quarterback how to execute a three step drop. Setup The quarterback will line up with a football, holding it out in front just as he would upon receiving a snap. Execution The quarterback will snap the ball, opening up and taking a step back with his right…

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Pitch Drill

Play Type:   Quarterback Drill / Running Back Drill Purpose A good team drill for getting both the quarterback and running back reps throwing and receiving the pitch. Setup The quarterback will start at the line of scrimmage, with the football in hand. The running backs will form a line behind the quarterback, with the player…

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Leading the Receiver Drill

Play Type:   Quarterback Drill Purpose To develop timing between the quarterback and receiver, teaching the quarterback how to lead the receiver. Setup The quarterback will stand at the line of scrimmage with a ball in hand, with wide receiver split out to one side.   Execution The quarterback will take the snap, and take a…

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