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Speed, body control, and aggression are the hallmarks of an effective defensive back. In this section of the blog, we’ll cover new tips and techniques for developing speed and agility, tackling fundamentals, coverage, and interception skills.

The Slalom Drill

Drill Type:  Agility Purpose This agility drill focuses on lateral change of direction shuffle. Setup Set up a series of cones in two straight rows about 5 feet apart, and your players will begin at one end of the cones.  You can set up any number of cones you prefer, based on your player level.…

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Defensive Back Free Safety Zone Reaction Drill

free safety zone reaction drill FINAL

The wrong zone defense will get beaten no matter how hard you practice or what drills you work on. Having a good scheme is vital. The important piece of running a successful zone is to be able to tailor it to the offense you’re playing. You want to have a couple of different sets ready…

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Defensive Back Corner Zone Reaction Drill

corner zone reaction drill FINAL

Once we’ve taught our corners and our safetys a zone flip, in other words, how to transition their hips, open and run and keeping a receiver on the outside, we can take it one step further by making our zone defender in deep third coverage defend two players in their zone with this awesome defensive…

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Zone Flip Technique for the Defensive Back

zone flip technique FINAL

The focus of the zone flip technique is to take away the inside release simply by moving your alignment in 2 yards. Zone flip means the defensive back will turn the rear of his body to the sideline, and his eyes to the inside so he can watch the receiver and the quarterback. Zone Flip…

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In Phase Route Drills for Defensive Backs


Football is a game of inches, and for defensive backs, how many times do you see a touchdown made or lost by a simple distance of a football? You want to constantly remind your defensive backs that the closer you can stay to the receiver, the better! Once you have practiced the general technique for…

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