Press Man Trail Technique for the Defensive Back


Once you have established a good stance and inside alignment, with focus on the inside number and the cross hand jam, you are ready to move into teaching your defensive back how to play the football. Press Man Trail Technique for the Defensive Back Defensive back players should be hip to hip going into the…

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“Out of Phase” Defensive Back Drill


So, maybe you’ve done a good jam, but the receiver gets a great release and is able to get open on you and create some space. It doesn’t do you any good to look back and find the ball if you aren’t close enough to the receiver to make a play on it.  This is…

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Jamming Technique for Defensive Backs

jamming technique for defensive backs

Once you have covered stance, back pedaling and re-tracing techniques, and general principles about breaking on the football, you are ready to implement technique drills that teach man-to-man coverage. Press man-to-man is useful for when you want to get into close quarters and line up very close on the offensive receiver, trying to disrupt his…

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Breaking Down the “W” Defensive Back Drill

the w drill defensive back drill

In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating another fantastic defensive back drill. It’s called “The W Drill” and it works the back peddle as the runner retraces his steps in the pattern of a “W”. This defensive back drill is great for corners and safetys. Breaking Down the “W” Defensive Back Drill Starting from…

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The “Figure 8” Circle Footwork Drill

figure eight footwork drill

The “Figure 8” Circle Footwork Drill The Figure 8 is something that you should incorporate into your practice plan every day. It is fantastic drill for quick footwork, that uses PVC pipes that are made into 2 circles, and your players will basically run in a figure 8 pattern around the PVC circle route that…

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