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The linebacker requires the most versatility of all the positions on the defensive side of the ball. In this section, you’ll find practice tips and drills for speed, agility, run-stopping, pass rush, tackling, coverage, and interception skills. Enjoy!

Around-the-Bag Drill

Drill Type:  Linebacker Drill Purpose This linebacker drill focuses on preventing overextension. Set Up Places 1 bag (or 3 cones) between the 0 and 5 yard lines. Execution The offensive man will initiate the drill. He’s going to move to his right and come halfway down the bag. When the defensive man makes contact with…

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“14 Cones” Linebacker Drill for Fumble Recovery

Drill Type:  Linebacker Drill Purpose This linebacker drill teaches players to maintain a good hitting position, bending at the knees and staying in that proper position at all times. Set Up Use 14 cones and one bag, and position them as shown in the diagram below. Execution On the command “go,” the linebacker will come…

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Draw and Screen Drill

Drill Type:  Pass Rush Drill Purpose Allows players to gain better take-off, great movement and acceleration to the quarterback. Set Up Set up 4 pop up dummies onthe line of scrimmage. Place 2 or more players behind the line of scrimmage. The coach should be positioned about 7 yards back, as if he were in…

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(SAMson) Blitz

Drill Type:  Blitz Drill Purpose Here we look to attack the strong side of the formation, with the Sam linebacker coming on a blitz to the ‘B’ gap while the rest of the defense players give a ‘Cover 1’ look. Execution Defensive Line: The defensive line will rush their regular gaps, trying to beat their…

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Tug Of War Drill

Drill Type:  Lineman Conditioning Purpose This conditioning drill teaches the linemen to explode low, not stand up at the snap. Setup Get a tug-of-war rope –  the thicker and heavier the better – and place it one foot in front of the line of scrimmage. Set-up a line, defensive or offensive, and have the linemen…

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