Offensive Line Drills


Double Team Offensive Line Drill

Often called a power block, the purpose of this offensive line drill is to learn good movement and chipping off the linebacker. In this offensive line drill, you want to have two defenders and two blockers.  The two offensive players at the point of attack are going to focus on knocking one defensive player back. …

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offensive line draw block drill2

The “Draw Block” Drill for the Offensive Line

Even at the youth and middle school football levels, the Draw is a very significant running play in anyone’s offense, be it the quarterback draw, the fullback draw, or the tailback draw. In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating an excellent offensive line drill to help your young players understand the importance of the…

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Breaking Down The Offensive Line “Cut Off Block”

Many coaches don’t spend enough time working on the Cut Off Block. Generally used on running plays, the Cut-off block allows a defensive player to come free, or untouched, across the line of scrimmage. After that happens, an offensive lineman deliberately gets in the way of this on-rushing defender. This block is sometimes called an…

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shoulder catch drill for wide receivers

“Over The Shoulder Catch” Drill for Wide Receivers

“Over The Shoulder Catch” Drill for Wide Receivers The “Over The Shoulder Catch” Drill for Wide Receivers is a great drill to really warm up the hands. It emphasizes the mechanics and techniques used when catching a deep ball and also reinforces the importance of keeping your eyes on your hands and the ball. So…

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Wide Receiver Drills: The Cut & Catch Drill

There are many important components of catching the football. 1. Focus on the front stripe of the ball. 2. Keep your body balanced as much as possible. 3. Extend your arms and attack the ball to cut down the flight time. 4. Relax your body. 5. Adjust to the ball. 6. Lock it away quickly.…

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