Category: Offensive Line Drills

figure eight footwork drill

The “Figure 8” Circle Footwork Drill

The “Figure 8” Circle Footwork Drill The Figure 8 is something that you should incorporate into your practice plan every day. It is fantastic drill for quick footwork, that uses PVC pipes that are made into 2 circles, and your players will basically run in a figure 8 pattern around the PVC circle route that [...]

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The Sled Tackle Drill

The Sled Tackle Drill There are a number of different ways to run a good solid, fundamentally sound shed tackle drill. Incorporating a popsicle sled that you can actually let the kids put their hands on and get off of is invaluable, in my opinion. In today’s video blog post, I am sharing my favorite [...]

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side tackle2

Breaking Down the Side Tackle

Breaking Down the Side Tackle Football is a game of angles, and we must be great side tackling defensive players. We want to be able to put our youngsters in a position to have thousands of repetitions making good tackles. Yet we don’t want to put them in situations where they are always pounding on [...]

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run play drill 1

3 Awesome Run Play Drills for Explosive Power!

In today’s video blog post, we are talking about 3 excellent run play drill sets that will add explosion to your players moves – the “Sled Punch”, the “Two-Point Explosion” and the “Shade Explosion”. Sled Punch Run Play Drill Progression 1:  The player is going to shoot his hands into the sled, with thumbs at [...]

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angle drill tackling

The Angle Drill for Tackling and Pursuit

In today’s blog post, we’re taking a deeper look at the Angle Drill for tackling and pursuit. This drill is set up two yards by two yards with the cones. The Angle Drill for Tackling and Pursuit The inside cones are two yards apart, which makes the cones that the players are at, facing each [...]

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