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Quarterback Fundamentals: Decision Making & The Decision Drill Run

An important phase in the development of a quarterback is the decision making process. Too many times, coaches fail to incorporate decision making drills into their practice plan, and they expect a player to go out into a football game and react to situations that he may never have seen. Anytime you can set up…

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“Hold The Runner” Ball Security Drill

Teaching your quarterbacks techniques for ball security is something that you want to include in your daily practice plan. In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating an excellent ball security drill called the “Hold The Runner” drill. This drill does 2 things: it emphasize good forward body lean and protection of the football and…

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open shoulder ball carrying drill

Open Shoulder Ball Carrying Drill for Quarterbacks

This drill teaches a quarterback where to position the football as he’s dropping back to set up for a pass. This technique is used on drop back passes, play action passes and quarterback draws. So a quarterback has to have the ability to put the ball where it’s secure as he drops back for the…

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“One Foot Forward” Quarterback Throwing Drill

Standing throw drills are an excellent tool for quarterbacks to work on their throwing mechanics, as they emphasize good throwing motion and good upper body form. In this quarterback throwing drill, you can take 2 QB’s and place them 8-12 yards apart, with their toes pointing at each other, the lead foot forward. The QB’s…

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Quarterback Fundamentals: The Cradle Drill

A critical phase in teaching quarterback ball carring techniques is teaching your athlete how to run with a secure grasp.  In today’s video blog post, we are breaking down the “Cradle” drill for your quarterback fundamentals training. We demonstrate a great technique that will allow for proper execution of a handoff, a throw or a…

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