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Ron Jaworski once said “The heartbeat of a football team is the quarterback position, and I think anyone who has any intelligence about the game understands you must have consistency at that position to be a championship team. ”

Below you’ll find drills and tips for coaching your quarterback covering agility, ballhandling, and passing.

3 Step Drop Technique

Play Type:   Quarterback Drill Purpose To teach the quarterback how to execute a three step drop. Setup The quarterback will line up with a football, holding it out in front just as he would upon receiving a snap. Execution The quarterback will snap the ball, opening up and taking a step back with his right…

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Pitch Drill

Play Type:   Quarterback Drill / Running Back Drill Purpose A good team drill for getting both the quarterback and running back reps throwing and receiving the pitch. Setup The quarterback will start at the line of scrimmage, with the football in hand. The running backs will form a line behind the quarterback, with the player…

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Leading the Receiver Drill

Play Type:   Quarterback Drill Purpose To develop timing between the quarterback and receiver, teaching the quarterback how to lead the receiver. Setup The quarterback will stand at the line of scrimmage with a ball in hand, with wide receiver split out to one side.   Execution The quarterback will take the snap, and take a…

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6 Cone Drill for Quarterbacks

Here’s a great drill that emphasizes ball security and smooth footwork transitions. Your QB will work on dropping back, moving laterally in the pocket, then getting set and making an accurate throw. Setup Set up six cones with four cones set up in a vertical line five yards apart. The fifth cone should be set…

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Quarterback Fundamentals: Decision Making & The Decision Drill Run

quarterback fundamentals decision making 2

An important phase in the development of a quarterback is the decision making process. Too many times, coaches fail to incorporate decision making drills into their practice plan, and they expect a player to go out into a football game and react to situations that he may never have seen. Anytime you can set up…

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