Running Back Drills


5 Drills for Running Back Footwork and Agility!

Agility is a skill every athlete needs, but in football, training for agility is position specific. When working with your running back, you want to incorporate drills that focus mainly on running back footwork and the ability to run not only straight ahead, but also ability to change direction without losing momentum. 5 Drills for…

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Eliminate False Steps with The Read Step Drill

Eliminate False Steps with The Read Step Drill Many youth football players are slow to the point of attack because they make a simple mistake–they false step. False stepping is taking a wasted step away from the direction you are wanting to move in. In today’s competitive football environment, any wasted movement that slows a…

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Running Back Pass Protection & “The Mirror Drill”

Running Back Pass Protection & “The Mirror Drill” Pass protection is one of the most important skills that you need to emphasize to your running backs, and one of the greatest drills that you can do to work on pass protection skills is “The Mirror Drill”. It teaches a player to keep their body in…

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figure eight footwork drill

The “Figure 8” Circle Footwork Drill

The “Figure 8” Circle Footwork Drill The Figure 8 is something that you should incorporate into your practice plan every day. It is fantastic drill for quick footwork, that uses PVC pipes that are made into 2 circles, and your players will basically run in a figure 8 pattern around the PVC circle route that…

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popcorn agility drill

The Popcorn Agility Drill

This is a fantastic warm up and agility drill that we like to do to get the eyes and hands ready to go. This agility drill allows players to work on both agility and catching the football. Breaking Down the Popcorn Agility Drill In this agility drill, the coach is going to throw the player…

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