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Wide Receiver Drills: The Cut & Catch Drill

There are many important components of catching the football. 1. Focus on the front stripe of the ball. 2. Keep your body balanced as much as possible. 3. Extend your arms and attack the ball to cut down the flight time. 4. Relax your body. 5. Adjust to the ball. 6. Lock it away quickly. [...]

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Principles of Catching the Football for Wide Receivers

Principles of Catching the Football for Wide Receivers When coaching wide recievers, you want to be sure to emphasize catching the football with the eyes as well as the hands. A great way to incorporate this skill into your practice is marking the football with visual aids and having the reciever react using the skill [...]

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5 Effective Warm Up Drills

5 Effective Warm Ups for Receivers

Today, I’m going to talk about 5 football drills for Receivers, that are great for warmup, and incorporate your quarterbacks as well as receivers. Stance Drill What we’re going to emphasize here in our first drill is your receivers’ stance. You want to ensure they’ve got their proper foot forward, their eyes are looking inside, [...]

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6 Drills to Get Your Receivers Ready for Game Time

Today, we’re going to discuss a variety of football drills that are ideal for helping your wide receivers become more skilled and prepared for game time! Back to the Wall Drill During this football drill, the receiver turns his back and on command by the quarterback – you can just use the term “ball” – [...]

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5 Impressive Ways to Improve Your Wide Receivers

During this post, we’re going to talk about a handful of wide receiver drills that you’re sure to want to use while coaching football. 90-Degree Cut Cone Drill Set up six of your cones so that they’re in 90-degree angles to one another. This’ll be good on your out-cuts and just to create a series [...]

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