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This section will cover coaching techniques for wide receivers and tight ends in youth and high school football. You’ll discover lots of fun, proven drills and activities for developing receiving, ballhandling, and blocking skills.

90 Degree Cut Cone Drill

Drill Type:  Wide Receiver Drill Purpose This drill will improve your wide receiver’s speed, agility and response time. Set Up Set up six cones so that they are in 90-degree angles to one another.  This will allow you to work on your out-cuts.   Execution Begin at one end on the outside of the cones,…

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Team Catch Drill for Wide Receivers

Developing reliable pass-catching hands is one of the most important skills a wide receiver can possess. This fun drill will help your players focus on seeing the ball into their hands, and develop stronger, more coordinated fingers. Setup Two receivers stand facing each other, roughly one yard apart The receiver on the right side will have…

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Eliminate False Steps with The Read Step Drill


Many youth football players are slow to the point of attack because they make a simple mistake–they false step. False stepping is taking a wasted step away from the direction you are wanting to move in. In today’s competitive football environment, any wasted movement that slows a player down can be the difference between a…

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“Over The Shoulder Catch” Drill for Wide Receivers

shoulder catch drill for wide receivers

The “Over The Shoulder Catch” Drill for Wide Receivers is a great drill to really warm up the hands. It emphasizes the mechanics and techniques used when catching a deep ball and also reinforces the importance of keeping your eyes on your hands and the ball. So many times, deep balls are dropped because the…

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Wide Receiver Drills: The Cut & Catch Drill


There are many important components of catching the football. 1. Focus on the front stripe of the ball. 2. Keep your body balanced as much as possible. 3. Extend your arms and attack the ball to cut down the flight time. 4. Relax your body. 5. Adjust to the ball. 6. Lock it away quickly.…

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