The “Punch & Drive” Drill for Special Teams

punch and drive special teams

The Setup: 1.  Set up with 2 players facing each other, with the line between them. 2.  The player facing the end zone is the offensive blocker/kickoff return personnel. The other player is the kickoff coverage player. The Breakdown: You have probably noticed that many times on the kickoff return, the unit gets their hands…

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Spring To Action Drill for Kick Off Return


In this video blog post, we are demonstrating fish hooks on a kick off return. We also show you a kick off return circuit that you can add to your next football practice plan! 1. Set up 2 cones spaced approximately 3 feet apart down the line, with one player on the line next to…

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Special Teams: The Butt & Press Drill

special teams butt and press

As you get closer to the ball carrier, there are going to be guys that are in your way. Many players want to run around blocks. But what really needs to happen in a shock and lock on that blocker, with the defender finding where the ball carrier is going and then ripping off of…

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The “Hard Turn” Drill for Special Teams


The “Hard Turn” is a special teams drill that is complimentary to reading the upfield shoulder. Sometimes the player misreads the upfield shoulder. When they do this, they will go beyond the point where the ball carrier/returner is headed.  Your players need to learn how to effectively work around a blocker, take a good pursuit…

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Special Teams Situations: The “Avoid Opposite” Drill

avoid opposites special teams

In this special teams drill, the blocker is working on turning his shoulders and the coverage player is working on destroying the up field shoulder. One important thing to remember in kick off coverage is that the front line should never make contact with your kick off coverage people. So when you look at this…

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