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One on One Football Drills – Beating Your Man

One luxury that not every coach can afford, and that can make us look so much better at our jobs than we are, are players that can always perform in one on one situations. Whether your dealing with making a big block, or beating a defender in the open field, or on defense needing a…

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How to Teach Pursuit and Leverage to Linebackers

When you think of the greatest linebackers you’ve ever seen, it’s not all big hits, interceptions and fumbles that make them so great – although they’re great for the highlight reel. What makes a great linebacker, is his ability to move East and West, and combine that with the ability to move North and South.…

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Defensive Linemen Tricks & Tips – Stripping The Ball

Since you’ve already taught your defensive linemen how to get a great jump off of the line, the next thing you’re going to want to show them is what to do once they get into the backfield. If they’ve got a clear path at the quarterback, it’s pretty simple – tackle him. But if a…

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Tackling Without Tackling – The Technique of the Takedown

One of the most important parts of tackling has nothing to do with physical contact, and everything to do positioning and a player’s ability to react to the offensive player. Learning to prevent cutback lanes and how to shoot the gap once the ball carrier has committed are absolutely essential to any teams’ practices. Cutback…

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Football Training Drills – Progression Tackling Drill

For years, I have struggled to teach tackling. Because breakdown is such a huge part of tackling, it’s tough to get the athletes to associate the marriage between breakdown, momentum, control, and form. Here is a drill i started doing and has huge impact on how we approach ball carriers.

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