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Playaction Bootleg – Quarterback Reads Made Simple

On some plays, you’ll need your QB to drop back, survey the entire defense, and find the open man. But on certain plays a QB can figure out which man will be open by simply keying in on one player. That play is your standard playaction bootleg, and that player is the corner on the…

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Football Blocking Drills for Timid or New Players

I came up with this blocking drill for my players who were (1) starting football for the 1st time or (2) were timid about hitting. Every team has players who are afraid to hit.

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Defending The Deep Ball – Defensive Back Drills

When defending the deep ball, there are three basic ways you can defend the ball, ranging from the zone turn to the classic bat down. Learning each of these techniques will increase your chances of stopping the pass and/or grabbing an interception, without risking a huge play over the top. Bat Down The first is…

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How To Develop A Clock Management Strategy

Clock management is an essential part of any coach’s gameplan, and all too often it is limited to simply a two minute drill at the end of the first half or game. Developing a dynamic well gameplan in terms of your clock management can make all the difference – whether you’re the favourite or the…

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Learning Seams And Soft Spots Against Zone Coverage

A quarterback’s best friend against the zone defense is be a receiver who understands how to just adjust their roots to find seams or soft spots.  That’s why it’s important when your do your route running drills, you set up a game situation – a cover 2, cover 3, any kind of coverage. There are…

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