Football Play: Singleback Trips Right Blast Option

football play singleback trips

If you’ve got a QB with good legs and solid decision making, this football play can be absolutely deadly. You can run it in almost any situation, but it’s most effective with lots of field to work with on the weak side.So wait until you’ve got the ball on one the hash marks, and let…

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Video: Defensive Blitz Packages

During this video, you’re going to learn about a few football plays that utilize blitzes. Here are some highlights of what you’ll see in the video: SMash Blitz – Sam & Mike With this football play, we’re playing cover one behind it because we’re expecting something to develop quickly. Our quarterbacks will press the receivers…

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Developing an Offensive Play Philosophy Video

offensive football play philosophy

Today, we’re going to talk about the pyramid philosophy, which will help you prioritize your football plays—and realize how much time you should be spending on them. The foundation of the pyramid needs to be what you, the coach, are going to do, what you’re going to be about, and what other teams are going…

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12 Pass Routes Your Offense Needs To Master

Today’s video is all about developing your passing offense. Coach Charlie Stubbs (former offensive coordinator at Alabama, Louisville and Tulsa), explains 12 basic pass routes, and gives you a variety of simple tips and coaching cues you can use to improve your execution and timing. You’ll learn… 4 quick-timing routes from the 3-step drop. 5…

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Football Plays: 1 Offensive Strategy Teams Hate To Cover

Here’s a great video from Coach Steve Axman discussing one offensive strategy nearly every defense hates to cover. Know what it is? I’ll give you a hint: It forces the defense to be assignment conscious It prevents them from attacking the ball And it severely limits stunts, blitzes, and coverage options Watch the video to…

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