Basic Football Plays – 10 Perfect Plays

Looking for [tag]basic football plays[/tag]?  You’ve come to the right place!  Try out this idea below at your next [tag]football practice[/tag] and let me know how it goes for you.Basic Football Plays

From Pat…
This is something that my father was doing in the early 80’s.  So I know I am not the only one doing it.

The offense has the [tag]football[/tag] on their opponents 30 yd line.
A defense is lined up using bell dummies in the formation of our upcoming opponent.

We use 1st team and 2nd team offense in this [tag]football drill[/tag] as they alternate plays.
On each [tag]football play[/tag] every player must explode off the ball and execute their assignment.

After execution of their assignment they must “SPRINT” through the goal line.
The catch is that these PERFECT plays must be consecutive. One [tag]football coach[/tag] is on the goal line making sure players sprint through the goal line and the rest are watching for correct assignments.  Any one player not executing or sprinting through the goal line, and the entire team starts over.

This is a great way to condition, influence execution, and get blockers down field.

Depending on the type of offense you run you can have 6 run plays and 4 pass – whatever floats your boat.  You also can find out who are your leaders, and go-to guys are as you get closer to 10.

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