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8 Fun Training Stations for Explosive Football Speed!

Discover a Simple Step by Step Training System To Give Your Athletes Lightning-Quick Hips and Feet, Outstanding Endurance, And An Unstoppable PASSION For The Game!

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Looking for a FUN way to improve your players’ quickness, agility and fitness?

Then look no further.

You’re about to discover the training circuit that Texas Christian University Head Coach Gary Patterson believes is one of the main reasons why his team has been so successful over the past several seasons.

In fact, since 2000, the TCU Horned Frogs have won five conference championships and seven bowl games and the 2010 TCU team finished the season 13-0, won the Rose Bowl and finished second in both major college football polls.

Pretty incredible accomplishments for a school previously not known as a football powerhouse … and according to Patterson a lot of that success can be traced directly back to the Colorado Circuit.

The Most Important Conditioning Drills a Team Can Perform!

Patterson believes the season starts in January and that the conditioning drills you do in the off-season, pre-season, and mid-season can go a long way in determining your team’s won-loss record.

That’s why he created the Colorado Circuit, a somewhat unorthodox (but wickedly effective) conditioning regimen based in part on drills that used to be performed at the University of Colorado.

Featuring eight individual stations and a unique concentration on players’ hips and feet, the Colorado Circuit doesn’t just increase players’ quickness, agility and fitness (which it certainly does) but it also builds mental toughness – the kind needed to win tough games during the season.

When we had to go to overtime, we knew we had been through things like this. When we're tired and beat down, we know we've done it in the offseason.
Michael Depriest
Michael Depriest TCU Wide Receiver

That’s right, with the Colorado circuit players don’t just get stronger physically, they also get stronger mentally, learning how to push through plateaus when they get tired.

The end result is a highly conditioned, mentally tough team that can start the season light years ahead of the competition... and maintain a stunning level of fitness and enthusiasm that lasts right through the championship game!

So are you ready to improve your team’s fitness and mental toughness and give them an advantage over the competition while also giving them a jumpstart on the upcoming season?

If so, Patterson has completed an extensive presentation in which he details the stations and drills that make up the Colorado Circuit as well as the instructional and motivational tips he and his staff use to get the most out of players.

INTRODUCING: The Colorado Circuit Online Video Clinic!

  • Physical Training Techniques

    Proven drills to make your players more explosive on the football field, for a massive competitive advantage over the teams in your league!

  • Mental Training Techniques

    Learn how to coach your team to become more mentally tough, so they can stay focused and win big games under pressure.

  • Motivational Training Techniques

    Discover how to spark your players’ love for the game of football, so they approach every practice and game with bubbling enthusiasm!

Now you don’t have to use trial and error to come up with your own off-season training circuit …

Now you don’t have to trust other, less reputable sources …

Now you can see exactly how to teach and run the Colorado Circuit right in the comfort of your own home or office.

Featuring Coach Patterson, the man who created the Colorado Circuit, revealing everything that goes into making it so effective, you are sure to learn all that you need to know to improve your team – both physically and mentally.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn by watching this informative video:

  • The eight stations that make up the Colorado Circuit, the reasoning behind each station and how to ensure your players get maximum benefit from each one!
  • How to use the Colorado Circuit to draw out intensity and accountability … as well as the ability to think on their own … from each and every player on your team!
  • A unique bag drill that will condition your players to remain in control when they get out on the football field in game situations!
  • The drill that Patterson credits with being one of the main reasons his teams have enjoyed success on defense year after year after year!
  • Why Patterson himself coaches all the Colorado Circuit running drills … and why you should too!
  • A simple but highly effective drill you can use to teach your players how to get through traffic and get in position to make good fundamental football plays!
  • The highly effective drill that hardly anyone else does that will ensure your players are able to quickly get in and out of areas where injuries often occur, helping your team be healthier and stronger all season long!
  • The old-school drill that works much better at making players faster than any “newfangled” invention like parachutes, rubber bands or anything else ever could!
It's all about being mentally tough, mentally strong, whipping that guy's butt all over the field.
Don Sommer
Don Sommer TCU Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • A drill that will protect defensive backs and safeties, as well as all of your other players, from soreness and injuries that often arise from initial game action – who says game action can’t be simulated!
  • How to use competition in your off-season program to bring out the absolute best in your players and push them to the next level of fitness and conditioning!
  • Exactly what to look for at each of the 8 stations of the Colorado Circuit to ensure your players are getting the maximum benefit they can from each drill!
  • A unique way to get the most out of your players without making them so tired that they start doing things with poor form and fundamentals!
  • Why great teams have great feet and hips and how you can use the Colorado Circuit to develop those great feet and hips in your players!
  • What the Colorado Circuit is really all about and why this separates it from other off-season training circuits!
  • 6 drills you can use to help your players get faster and stronger by improving their feet, hips and arm action!
  • And much more!

Ready to Get Your Players Prepared for the Season Like Never Before?

"The Colorado Circuit" contains the drills and coaching advice that will help you avoid the mistakes other coaches make in their practices, and instead ensure that your team is at its physical best from the opening whistle of the opening game of the season.

Best of all, you won’t have to use frustrating trial and error to come up with your own training circuit or live with doubts that you are doing everything you can to get your team ready to play.

The Colorado Circuit is filled with drills that will improve your players feet and hips and help protect them from injury.

And it's extremely versatile too!

This System WILL Work For ANY Coach At ANY Time Of The Season!

Off-season training for serious youth, high school, or college teams? Check.

Pre-season training to improve speed and agility, and get your team into shape? Check.

In-season training to maintain your team's fitness level and keep your athletes pumped up and ready to perform? Check.

It's all here. And it's all explained with simple step by step coaching pointers, demonstrations, and "quick learn" tactics to shorten the learning curve.

So you don't need a "Coaching PhD" to figure it out.

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