Coaching American Football – Running Hand-Off

These ideas on [tag]coaching American football[/tag] come courtesy of two of my newsletter subscribers.  Great tips that all levels can benefit from!Coaching American Football

From Lee…
If you have running backs that stop when they are getting the hand-off and then try to run, instead of running straight through, this could help in having them run through the ball when getting a hand-off.

Have a [tag]football coach[/tag] hold a [tag]football[/tag] in each hand. Then take your running backs and make 2 lines, one on the left and one on the right and 5 yards back. Make a race out of it. On “hut” have the first players on the left and right line run towards you and grab the ball with the proper technique (left side right arm on top, right side left arm on top) and continue to a set of cones 5 yards behind you indicating the goal line.

The competition factor will concentrate on them getting to the goal as fast as they can and won’t think about stopping to get the ball. They will just grab it and go.

From Patrick…
One [tag]football drill[/tag] I like is start at the goal line and run and touch the 5 yard line and back to the goalcoaching american football, then to the 10 yard line and back to the goal line and so on. The important part of the drill is touching each line as you get to it.

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