Coaching High School Football – Football Plays

Many coaches struggle with their teams understanding the plays.  Here’s a great tip that will help your younger players and developmental teams (like JV) grasp their playbook much more quickly. Coaching High School Football

My problem–our junior varsity was having a lot of trouble understanding the football plays i.e.: blocking assignments and timing, pass routes etc.

My solution–I lined up the varsity offense on the left side of the goal line and had them run thru the entire playbook all the way down the to the other side of the field and back up the other side to where they started using 10 yards for each play.

Ten yards behind them have the junior varsity watching their position seeing everything– the way its supposed to be run and then have them run the same play. They hear which play is called, see the play run, and then run it.  This took care of my problem fast.

I put defense in front of them holding pads in different defensive sets ie,: 3-4 -4-4 etc.  They learned the different blocking assignments for those too.

We do this now at the beginning of the year to teach our playbook to the new kids and anytime we put in new football plays or are doing new drills our junior varsity is not standing on the side goofing off not paying attention; they are out on the field learning what to do right behind the varsity.

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