Conditioning Drills for Football – Up-Downs

We run what is called “up-downs” for our [tag]conditioning drills for football[/tag]. If your team is competitive, this is an excellent [tag]football drill[/tag].

  • Start on one sideline.
  • Divide your team into several lines (depending upon team numbers) with equal number of players/line.
  • The first group will run the width of the [tag]football[/tag] field starting on a called out number using our cadence.
  • Every line will go through the same type of run with the player in the group who finishes first moving up a group and the last finisher dropping down a group.

If any person jumps or slow out off the ball, that group will do pushups before they return on the run back.

Depending upon your [tag]conditioning goal[/tag], this may be 10 to 20 sprints w/competition  and a short rest between.   We try to teach snap discipline along with acceleration in a competitive format.  Of course the first group can only have a person move down.

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