Defensive Football Drills – Defensive End, Receivers and Tight Ends

Could you use some fresh ideas for defensive drills for your team?  Here are two drills that you can use for all of your defensive players–defensive end and for receivers and tight ends.

Defensive End Drill
DE will line up against an offensive end or tackle and try to get past him (rip, swim, bull rush etc.)

This is a way to start slow with one player to defeat and move it up to two players and then three.  It has a combination of drills such as coming off the line, taking on a blocker and finally the tackle.

Next you have the end or tackle and add a ball carrier to tackle (open field drill) behind them.

Finally you may add a blocking back in front of the ball carrier and behind the lineman.

Drill for Receivers and Tight Ends
Have the players line up in two lines.
The one receiving will be facing the two lines about 5-7 yards away.
The receiver will go toward the lines and just prior to reaching the front of the lines the receiver will catch the ball and tuck it away.
The front two players in the lines will pop the receiver on each of his shoulders at the same time and as the reciever runs through the lines the others in line will try to rip the ball out.

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