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In this section, you’ll find a variety of simple, fun, and effective offensive football plays and strategies for youth and high school teams.

Singleback Big – Outside Zone

Play Type:   Zone Run Setup The outside zone, combined with the inside zone, is the basis for any zone blocking scheme. It isn’t variety and trickery you’re relying on here, but rather execution from your offensive line and vision from your running back. This is a solid playcall in any situation aside from third and…

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Shotgun Trips TE – Spacing

Play Type:  Quick Pass Setup Another quick, high percentage play that fits perfectly within the west coast philosophy, this play uses horizontal spacing to open up receivers for a quick catch. This play is best used on 1st and 10, when you want to pick up a couple yards and get your team in good…

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I Form Big – PA Power O Waggle Left

Play Type: Playaction Pass Setup Once you’ve beaten the defense down with your power running game, its time to take advantage of those safeties creeping up to the line and hit the defense with a playaction pass. This particular pass has a bunch of big targets available for the quarterback, with two tight ends running…

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Football Play: Singleback Trips Right Blast Option

football play singleback trips

If you’ve got a QB with good legs and solid decision making, this football play can be absolutely deadly. You can run it in almost any situation, but it’s most effective with lots of field to work with on the weak side.So wait until you’ve got the ball on one the hash marks, and let…

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Ultimate Football Plays: Jumbo Right 26 Power

ultimate football plays

If you are looking for more great football plays, I have got another killer I Form Running Play for you today! Football Plays – The Strategy Football is a game of inches, and sometimes, that’s all you need – a couple of inches. Here’s a no-nonsense, powerblocking run, great for 3rd or 4th and inches,…

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