Flag Football Drills – Flag Pulling Drills

I coach a youth [tag]flag football[/tag] team. Every [tag]football practice[/tag] I emphasize [tag]flag pulling drills[/tag]. We go through several different [tag]flag football drills[/tag] each practice. Here are two drills that the kids seem to enjoy the most.

This drill is adapted from a [tag]football drill[/tag] that teaches open field tackling and quickness, but it is just as effective for flag football, especially when it’s one on one during game time–pull flag or TD.

Set up:

  • 1 offensive player with football and 1 defensive player
  • Both players stand about 5 yards apart. They both lie down on the ground on their backs with heads facing each other.
  • On the whistle, both players flip over and stand to their feet and immediately, without hesitation, the offensive player must juke and get past the defender.
  • Defensive player must make the tackle, or in our case pull the flag.
  • Rotate players (offense becomes defense)

The other [tag]football[/tag] drill that the kids loved was the following:

Circle the team with four players in the middle.  The object is to pull the other 3 flags while not allowing anyone to pull yours.  You can not shield the flags with your hands, instead, it teaches footwork and hip movements to dodge the oncoming flag threat.

Repeat until all players have had a chance to be in the circle.  Then pull the winners of each round and have a playoff, with an eventual winner.

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