Flag Football Drills – Hand-Off Drill

If you’re looking for flag football drills here is a great hand-off drill.  I like this drill because it works on how to receive a hand off as well.

Hand-Off Drill
We line our flag football team up in 2 single file lines, 15 yards from directly across from each other–call them team 1 and team 2.

I take a football about 2 yards in front of team 1 to start the drill.
I say “Set Hut” and the 1st player start from team 1 runs at me with his arms in position to accept a hand off.  He takes the ball and sprints at team 2.

Once he gets about 2 yards from the other team he switches the ball to his proper hand and prepares it to hand off to the player at the front of the line on team 2.

The player on team 2 must have his arm ready to accept the hand off from the team 1 player.

We run this drill until each player has touched the ball at least 4 times.

The results of this drill are:
The coaches can work with the players to make sure they have their arms in correct position to receive a hand off and they are using correct techniques for handoffs.

The player must receive the handoff, tuck the ball in his arm so he does not drop it and sprint 10 – 13 yards to the next team.

Once the player gets to the other team he must prepare to hand off the ball to the next player and practices placing the ball into the players belly between his arms.
Doing this over and over gives everyone a chance to be the QB, RB and also acts as a conditioning drill without the kids even knowing it.

Total time of drill 5 – 10 minutes.

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