Football Coaching Clinics – Drive to Sidelines

The LB’s need to get away from arm tackling and learn to get their body across and in front of ball carriers.  This is a drill from one of the [tag]football coaching clinics[/tag] that really gets this concept across!Football Coaching Clinics

What you need – This is a [tag]football[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that just the linebackers can do to start.  Defensive lineman can participate as well.

How this drill works – This is a very simple [tag]tackling[/tag] drill that you can run, to get your players used to tackling with their bodies, rather than with their arms.  The thrower tosses the ball to a receiver (can be a linebacker or other D-lineman in this drill), and the player must approach the ball carrier with his arms outstretched as though he were going to make a tackle. 

The IMPORTANT part of this drill is that the player NOT wrap, but make sure his head is up and that the head goes to the sideline side of the ball carrier’s body.  Then he must continue to drive that player to the sideline, without using the hands. 

The ball carrier should not run at full speed.  Instead this is a drill about the proper way to tackle when going to the sidelines.  Players should not rely on their arms to make tackles. 

Result – Better tackling technique and a reduction in attempted arm tackles.

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