This is a drill for [tag]football coaching[/tag] that will help the fullback and the RB work together to gain the most yards.Flag Football Drills

What you need – You can use tackling dummies to create holes that the [tag]football[/tag] players must run through, and you can have a linebacker in the hole, about 5 yards from the LOS.

How this drill works – The fullback / running back relationship is an important one.   They need to be on the same page as each other in order to gain the most from a run.   The running back needs to be able to read the block of the fullback in order to make a cut up field.  

On the snap, the [tag]fullback[/tag] and [tag]running back[/tag] will head through a hole, and the fullback engages the linebacker.   At this point, the running back needs to make a decision based on the block by the fullback where he is going to run the ball.   He can run it straight ahead, or cut to the right or left.

This [tag]drill[/tag] should be run at half-speed to start, so they FB and the RB can get on the same page and learn what each other is going to do.   Then, at full speed it makes a great competitive drill.