Football Coaching Philosophy – Leadership

I am always reminded of that Garth Brooks song “We Shall Be Free”, when Warren Moon, John Elway and Troy Aikman come on to say the same thing; the three keys to success is “Education, Education, Education.” It is these three seconds that has inspired my [tag]football coaching philosophy[/tag]:  Teach the kids.

To teach the kids, educate them on the rules of the game. Teach them how to play the game, the right way to do the [tag]football drill[/tag] and so on. If you have to, do it with them. I always convey to my kids that there is more emphasis on doing it right then doing it fast. Once the kids do it right, speed will come in time.

I am also reminded of that old saying 10% perspiration and 90% inspiration and it is the 90% that I try to work on. Before every practice I try to inspire them. I have the team take a knee and discuss the victories and defeats from the last game/[tag]football practice[/tag]. Let them know what needs to be worked on during practice and what does not. And I cannot stress enough that you get buy in from the whole team including the other coaches. Once you have buy in, the whole team will inspire themselves and the rest is a lot easier.

Any [tag]football coach[/tag] can take a team and make them do the push ups, sit ups, run “man makers” and so on, but to get the team to respect you, and follow you, because you understand what the team is capable of, what their abilities are, and work to make their contribution to the team an asset, that takes leadership.

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