Football Conditioning Drills – Navy Seal Conditioning Drill & Tackling Tip

Here is one of the football conditioning drills that works great for our team. It was used by a Junior Midget Team of 11,12, and 13 year olds.  It makes conditioning fun and competitive.  Check out the tackling tip for mighty mites too…simple and works great.

Navy Seal Relay Conditioning
Place 4 big blocking bags on the goal line that are seven to ten yards apart.
Set up four sets of cones 10 yards apart to the 50 yard line.
Split up your team in equal two man teams along the goal line behind the 4 big bags.

Have sets of two players pick up the blocking bag and carry it over their heads through the zig zag cone course to the end and back where the next two man team picks up the bag and runs the course until all the sets of two in all four lines have gone.

We make it a race and the kids are working hard and conditioning while having a great time pretending to be Navy Seals.

Tackling Tip for Mighty Mite Players
This is a tip for coaching mighty mite football.

I found to be extremely effective in getting my defense to “wrap-up” during tackling drills was to have each kid practice “bear-hug” each other for a few minutes.  You must emphasize having the tackler wrapping both arms completely around his/her opponent.

I like to refer to this complete wrapping of your opponent as “sinking” your arms around their bodies kind of how like wrestlers use the phrase when they get their arms (or legs) in a position of leverage.

Giving each kid a few minutes individually with a coach will go a long way on getting your defense to “wrap-up”.

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