Football Drills for Linemen – Push of War

This is the battle of the bull rush versus the pancake. This is one of those [tag]football drills for linemen[/tag] where only one will win… or it could be a stalemate.Football Drills for Linemen

What you need – Create an area about 7 yards wide and 10 yards long.  Match up [tag]offensive[/tag] and [tag]defensive[/tag] lineman of similar size and strength.

How this drill works –
On the [tag]coaches[/tag] whistle the two big men will engage.  One must push the other across the line in front of them (behind as well).  This is a straight ahead [tag]drive blocking[/tag] / bull rushing [tag]football[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag].  There are no moves (no spins, swims, chops, etc) – this [tag]strength[/tag] on strength to see who can get the better position and who can drive harder to push the other over the edge.

The players can continue to push for 10 seconds before calling it a stalemate.

Result – The bull rush and the pancake drive block are two important elements of [tag]blocking[/tag] and [tag]rushing[/tag] the QB.  This drill works on them both and provides for a competitive element between opposing linemen.

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