Football Offensive Line Drills

The Importance of Football Offensive Line Drills

Every [tag]football[/tag] team that wants to succeed has to have an effective offense.  While it’s often said that offense sells tickets and defense wins championships, no team is going to win if they don’t score points.  And no team is going to be able to score points if they don’t have a good offensive line.  That’s why it’s so important for every team to practice [tag]football offensive line drills[/tag].Football Offensive Line Drills

There are two ways to move the ball on [tag]offense[/tag]: running and passing.  Both of these rely on the offensive line doing its job. When passing the ball the offensive line has to protect the quarterback and when running the ball the offensive line has to block the opposing defense so that their running back can gain yardage.

If there is a break down on the [tag]offensive line[/tag] – if one or more offensive linemen fail to block correctly – then the offense will probably lose yardage.  If this happens too often the offense won’t be able to score any points.

The main way to prevent offensive line breakdowns is to practice football offensive line drills as often as possible.  There are actually many different drills that can be done to help offensive linemen work on their blocking techniques.

One of the offensive line [tag]passing[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] that help offensive linemen learn to protect the quarterback involves an offensive lineman, a defensive lineman, and cones that form a rectangle three yards wide and five yards long.

The defensive lineman gets into his stance at the top of the five yards. The offensive lineman lines up, in his stance, inside the rectangle across from the defender.

When the [tag]offensive lineman[/tag] moves, the defender must try to get past him to the end of the five yards. However, the defensive player must stay within the three yard width of the rectangle. It’s the job of the offensive lineman to keep the defensive lineman away from the back of the rectangle. The drill lasts for ten seconds unless the defender reaches the goal before time expires.

This is just one example of very effective offensive line drills that every team should practice. There are many other drills that will help with pass protection and run blocking. Most of these drills help an offensive lineman with his footwork, hand positioning, and his ability to gain leverage on the opponent.

Offensive linemen need good footwork so that they can get in front of their opponent to block him correctly. They need good hand positioning because the hands can either help push a defender away (on a running play) or the hands can help keep a defender away from the quarterback (on a passing play).  Finally, leverage is important because whichever player has leverage during a block, that player will be able to drive the other player back. No player wants to be the one who is backing up while engaged in a block.

On every football team the offense is important because if a team can’t score points they won’t win games. Whether the offense chooses to run or pass the ball, they will only be successful if the offensive line performs well. That’s why it’s so important for the offensive line to practice football offensive line drills. It’s these drills that will make the [tag]linemen[/tag] better so that the offense can score points and the team can win football games.

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