Football Plays – Bunch Set

These [tag]football plays[/tag] helped us capture the second state championship.  As most everyone is familiar with the Bunch set, both of these [tag]football play[/tag]s are run from this set.

Begin with a Bunch set and run the bubble screen. This involves the inside receiver running a short swing route to the outside led by the outside receiver, the end (middle man in the set) and the onside tackle all blocking on this pass play.

You can also motion the tailback to the bunch side for an additional blocker. When your opponents have seen this play enough, you now have them setup for the next play.

With the same set and motion, run the bubble pass and release one of the blocking receivers (or the backside end) down field for a pass from the bubble receiver.
Obviously, the first pass needs to be a backwards pass. It certainly helps when your releasing receiver fakes a quick stalk block before releasing the [tag]football[/tag] down field.

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