Football Practice Drills – Combo Block Drill

Vinny in Michigan came up with a great suggestion for [tag]football practice drills[/tag].  Give this one a try and let me know how it goes for you.Football Practice Drills

From Vinny…
Here’s a combo [tag]football block drill[/tag] I use each year that I find to be effective.

The system I coach has its foundation in the power, trap, and iso; everything else is pretty much set up off of those three concepts.  I like to use this [tag]football drill[/tag] with my ends and tackles to practice their combo blocks on the opposing d-tackle (in either a 5-6-or 7 technique).

I’ll have the tackle and ends line up in normal alignment and place a defensive tackle in one of the aforementioned techniques across the ball.  I’ll place an inside linebacker in a base 40 or base 50 position.  At the snap of the [tag]football[/tag] the end and tackle will combo to the backer.  If the LB blitzes B gap the tackle has to peel off to pick up the blitz leaving the end to continue the down block on the tackle.  If there is no blitz, the end will help the tackle get movement on the d-tackle before scooping and sealing the inside backer.

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