Football Practice Drills – Tackling Drill and Fumble Recovery

These football practice drills are for tackling and another for fumble recovery. Your younger players enjoy the tackling drill because of the contact and it is safe because they are hitting dummies.

Tackling Drill

You need at least a two man sled and one tackling dummy.

1. The line starts with the player in a football position in front of the first pad on the sled
2 On the first whistle the player breaks down
3 The second whistle he explodes into the pad, keeping square and hitting the pad with two hands
4 They then move over to next pad, square up and hit the second pad
5 A coach will be standing 10 yards behind the sled holding the dummy
6 The player sprints over and does a form tackle on the dummy.
7 This football tackling drill can be done left and right, and if you have a big sled two lines can go at once.

Fumble Recovery Scrimmage

We like to end our practices by letting the kids do fumble recovery drill in the mud at the end of practice. The kids absolutely love it–very fun.

And, to reinforce that the coaches are in the fight with them, we end it by letting the kids make us do the last turn of drill, so by the end, we are all a muddy mess, but one damn close team!

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