Football Running Plays – Wide Out Blocks

Blocking for the WR is important in any [tag]football running plays[/tag].Football Running Plays

What you need – To start, you can just use a tackling dummy held by a coach or player, lined up directly across from the WR. 

How this drill works – If the running play is coming to the WR side, then he needs to be able to block the defensive back out of the play.  If they don’t make the block, then often times the DB will get into the backfield to drop the RB for a loss. 

In this [tag]football[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag], the WR simply needs to get their body in the way of the tackling dummy, to literally block their path to get to the runner.  They should follow the same [tag]blocking[/tag] basics:  strong base, hands in front and make contact under the shoulder pads at the chest and then keep the person in front of you (even camera on the back).

Result – Receivers will learn to block for the running play called and they will increase their value as a player by being a good blocker on running plays.


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