Here are two [tag]football tackling drills[/tag] we use frequently.  The Island is a modified Oklahoma and helps players who may be timid about tackling.  The Angle Tackling Drill is one the players love.

The Island
Both players are on their back about three feet apart. It works on quickness off of the ground, finding the [tag]football[/tag] and making the tackle. The defender is not off of the island, until he makes five consecutive stops without giving up a touchdown.

It’s a fun  drill, and it shows what a player will do when he is fatigued. One of our players made 15 straight stops without giving up a touchdown. Every time we do this drill, we get a crowd of about 20 or thirty people rooting the boys on.

I think you’ll love seeing how instincts take over for a player who is timid about tackling.

Angle Tackling Drill
I line up 5 players on the 10 yard line and the running back is in the end zone. The running backs goal is to score by running as fast as possible down the sideline he starts at my whistle. The players on the ten yard line have to try to tackle the running back by using the correct angle. The tacklers go one at a time starting with the closest one to the sidelines were the running back is running.

This drill I learned years ago while playing line backer in high school football. This drill improves their [tag]angle tackling[/tag] by 95%. If the running back scores a touchdown then the tacklers run 2 laps around the football field. If the running back gets tackled then he runs 2 laps, it makes it more challenging.

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