Football Tackling Drills – The THUD Drill

One of the best [tag]football tackling drills[/tag] we have done to really improve our tackling is our THUD drill.

1 – Line up players kneeling down knee to knee. (It works best if the players are around the same build and height.)

2 – Have the defensive player sit on his heels while the offensive player is upright on his knees with his arms straight out to a tee.

3 – Have the defensive player explode off his heels with both arms wrapping around the other player (under the arm pits) while grabbing the back of the jerseys.

4 – Once this has been done a few times have them stand up and repeat with feet to feet.

Containment Drill
We also do a great containment [tag]football drill[/tag] where I line up a running back behind a blocking fullback in the “I” formation.

Place cones where the center, guard, tackle, and offensive end are (based on which side I want to run the drill on). Then line up the defensive ends who rotate thru the [tag]football[/tag] drill.

On the whistle, the defensive end fires across and jams the lead blocker, ensuring the runner is forced inside and then attempts to slide off the block and make the tackle.

This has really helped our ends learn how to contain the sweep and disrupt the play.

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