Accuracy on a throw is extremely important.   A [tag]quarterback[/tag] needs to be able to make accurate throws for each of his patterns.   Use these [tag]football throwing accuracy drills[/tag] in your [tag]practices[/tag] to see improve your quarterbacks.Football Throwing Accuracy Drills

What you need – Instead of having players running pass patterns at this point, this drill is designed with targets.   The targets will help the quarterback learn to [tag]throw[/tag] to a certain spot.

How this drill works –
Set up the targets in a place where you want the quarterback to complete the pass.   You can set up flats, outs, hooks, or anything else that you want.   Set it up according to a specific [tag]play[/tag] if you want.

The quarterback will drop back, make his reads and then throw to the target that he intends.   This will help build muscle memory for those throws, and they will become second nature.   While throwing the ball to an exact spot isn’t always the way to avoid defenders, accuracy is.

Once a quarterback is able to put the ball exactly where they want to, then they do not have to worry about accuracy as a problem.   Quarterbacks with poor accuracy throw more interceptions.   Learning to throw the ball exactly where you want is always best.

For [tag]coaches[/tag], during this [tag]football[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] make sure the QB’s fundamentals are correct:   footwork, shoulders, where they are holding the ball.   These all increase the accuracy of a pass.

Result – A more accurate QB.