Football Training Drills – Offense and Defense Lineman Drill

One of the [tag]football training drills[/tag] that I came up with this year was for our linemen. It can be used for both offense and defense.

Sometimes you here your [tag]football[/tag] linemen say, I wish we could do the carrier’s drills or look at them and think that looks easy. Well, most linemen don’t get a chance to do a ball carrier’s drill. So, I thought of a drill for the linemen using a piece of equipment that we have for our ball carriers. We have a six arm power blaster. Since we were having trouble keeping our linemen low, driving off the ball and chopping their feet.

Here is the [tag]football drill[/tag]:
Take your offensive and/or defensive linemen and make a straight line in front of the blaster.
The first player will get into a 3 point or a 4 point stance (whichever is used).
Position the player one yard away from the entrance of the blaster.
On the coaches whistle or cadence
The player will explode forward into and through the blaster.
This teaches them to explode off the ball, stay low through the blaster arms, drive forward and chop their feet to fight through.
Start off going through the blaster and sprinting to a cone five yards away
After each player had a couple reps we then created a four corner cone drill after the five yard sprint.

After reaching the initial cone, they would side shuffle to the lower right corner cone, then sprint to the upper right corner cone, then side shuffle to the left upper corner cone and the backward run through the last cone (lower left corner) making a square.

You can use any type of run or footwork drill through the cones.

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