Free 7 on 7 Flag Football Plays

When playing [tag]flag football[/tag] it is important to have an arsenal of between 4 to 10 effective [tag]offensive plays[/tag] that can be executed sharply and with vigor and speed.  The following free 7-on-7 flag football plays can be easily changed or adapted depending on your team’s strengths or weaknesses.  Please feel free to update your team’s playbooks to include variations on these [tag]free 7-on-7 flag football plays[/tag].Free 7 on 7 Flag Football Plays

For the first play you will need a strong quarterback, wide receiver and running back.  The quarterback receives the snap, and then runs down and to his left outside the tackle.  In the meantime the left side running back clears a path by running a straight vertical line up through the defense while the wide receiver charts a course for a deep left catch by running an out route at about 8 yards.  The quarterback throws the pass just as the receiver makes the cut.

For the next of the free 7-on-7 flag [tag]football[/tag] [tag]plays[/tag], your two receivers will cross paths which serves to confuse the opposing team’s [tag]defense[/tag] squad on direction the ball is headed.  On the snap, the receivers on the left side each run 3 yard flat routes crossing paths to distract their defenders.  The [tag]quarterback[/tag] runs straight back and throws the pass just as the [tag]receivers[/tag] have finished their flat routes, aiming for the receiver closer to him.  However, this play gives the quarterback the option of throwing to whichever receiver is in the open, giving it a great chance of success.

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