Are you looking for fun football drills to liven up practices? You’ve come to the right place!  Try these two drills below and let me know how they work for you and your teams.

King of the Ring
I got this idea from an ex-head coach at the high school. It’s call King of the Ring.  Its designed to show that being stronger doesn’t always win…and speed kills.
I spray paint 2  15 ft wide circles side by side with only enough room for one player to run through between them (the chute).
Then set up a tackling dummy 5 yds away from the chute.
I pair up the players according to size and speed (or they can do it themselves as long as it is fair to start with).
They start out at the top of the circle and each run around their own ring. The first one to hit the dummy wins. The players can hit each other as they approach the chute or win by speed.
I usually play double elimination and the winner gets a free large pizza coupon to where ever. It takes some time but the kids love it and always look forward to it every year.

I use it once a season and the kids always look forward to it.

Hot Potato Drill
The QB stands in the shotgun formation with the backs in the T-formation and two receivers and a TE.

There are no offensive line men except the center long snapping. There are four Defensive lineman, three linebackers, two corner backs and two safeties to cover.

The objective is to teach the WR’s to focus and quickly complete their routes, the backs to block multiple rushers (blitzing), forces the QB to make quicker decisions.

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