High School Football Drills – Open Field

I find that traditional [tag]high school football drills[/tag] can get a bit stale.  Here’s an idea that will liven things up quite at your practices.High School Football Drills

From Tony…
I coach the freshmen at the our high school. This is a [tag]football drill[/tag] I use called open field.
Start with two cones 7 yards apart and two more twelve yards deep.

  • Place a running back or receiver five yards in front of a defender and a second defender five yards behind the first one.
  • At the snap the running back tries to advance the [tag]football[/tag] as best he can between the cones. He can try to run over the defender or shake and bake. Whatever he wants.
  • After the whistle the back rotates with the first defender and so on to the back of the line. You can add a lead blocker and another defender.

I feel this drill improves our open field tackling as well as open field running. I hope this drill can benefit other [tag]football coach[/tag]es and look forward to getting some ideas from them.

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