High School Football – Drive Block

More blocking skills are learned with this [tag]drill[/tag].  The [tag]drive block[/tag] is a drill [tag]high school football[/tag] coaches should use.  It is essential for creating running lanes for the running back.High School Football

What you need – You can match an offensive lineman up with a defensive lineman – or, to start, coaches can hold a dummy while the lineman perfects technique.
How this drill works – When the [tag]football[/tag] [tag]coach[/tag] blows his whistle, the lineman will step straight toward the defender or the dummy.  At this point, the feet must be planted and the body leans forward and the palms of the hands strike the center of the chest. 

The elbows remain close to the body to maintain control of the defender and the hands should slide up under the defenders pads.  The lineman should continue pushing the defender back with the hands engaged, until the whistle blows.

The key here is for the offensive lineman to keep the feet moving, the hands engage (without holding), and to DRIVE the dummy out of the hole.

Result – Better technique on the drive blocks will help your running game as the holes are driven open with this blocking technique.

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