Simple, fun and effective football plays for youth and high school teams

football offense plays
Zone Runs Playbook

Discover the secret to a powerhouse run offense, even if your blockers are small or inexperienced! Get instant access to 10 simple plays for a killer zone run attack.

West Coast Playbook

Learn how to use short, horizontal passing routes to control the ball and stretch the defense. A great, simple way to build your team's competence in the passing game, without causing turnovers.

pro set football playbook
Power Runs Playbook

Dominate your opponents with a high-scoring, ball-controlling power run game. 10 championship-tested plays to overwhelm your opponents at the point of attack with big, physical blockers.

football offense plays
Spread Offense Playbook

Get instant access to 10 proven plays to spread the defense horizontally - Deep Passes, Quick Passes & Screens, and Run Plays.