Training Drills for Youth Football

One of my readers actually suggested this idea for [tag]training drills for youth football[/tag] recently.  I’ve included it for you below.Training Drills for Youth Football

From Ron…
I mainly [tag]coach[/tag] young [tag]football[/tag] players and one thing that I stress over [tag]proper technique[/tag] is [tag]endurance[/tag].  I figure that even if we are not the best, biggest or fastest team we can beat most other teams in the fourth quarter on endurance alone.  I love it when my guys are looking fresh and full of energy when the other team is gasping for wind because their coaches thought that pure talent would get them through the games.

It’s hard to [tag]motivate[/tag] kids to do wind sprints after [tag]practice[/tag] and other endurance exercises.  I find the best way to ‘hide’ this is to break the team into 4 groups at the end of practice and instead of wind [tag]sprints[/tag] or similar football [tag]drills[/tag] we do route running with coaches throwing the ball.  We make a competition out of it – keeping score of total catchs per group.

Before they know it, the kids have run 15 to 20 sprints.  They are having fun and don’t even realize the benefit they’re getting.

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