Attention Football Coaches: Don't Even THINK About Going To Your Next Practice Until You Read This!

“The Astonishingly Simple  Secret
To Coaching Football Successfully...
Without Wasting Time Or Effort!"

Desk of: Coach Steve Tucker
Tuesday, 11:41 AM

Dear Coach,

"What Coaches Who Know Are Saying..."

"Pennsylvania Team Finally Gets Organized - Goes 10-1"

michael gorseth

"Our record was 10-1, reaching the semi-final game. We utilized the practice plans and they made for a much more organized daily practice.  Once info is put in place, the prep time is minimal at best." 

Michael Gorseth 
Seneca Valley
Pennsylvania Stallions 
Cranberry Twp,. PA

"Less Time Shuffling Papers... More Time Coaching"

coach bryon

"The help with organizing practice was invaluable. I now get alot more done in  1 1/2hrs than we used to  get done in 2+.  We spend less time shuffling papers and more time dedicated to coaching!" 

Coach Bryon 
Bensalem Ramblers 
Bensalem, Pa

"More Than Just A Philosophy"

coach manny

"This is the first time I had seen more than just philosophy on how to organize a practice.  Now I have a two-hour template broken into segments that I can adjust it to suit my needs.   The various practice plans list out many drills, with competency level and detailed descriptions of how to perform the drills.  I can select the ones I feel are needed and give the descriptions to the coaching staff so they know how to set up the drills.  I will now be able to target particular skills and plays I want to develop and teach the kids in an organized, orderly fashion step-by-step." 

Manny Juncos 
Chino Hills Bulldogs 
Chino Hills, California

"The Kids Love It"

coach dutra

"As a first time youth head football coach, I was looking for a book that would help me run drills and set up practice. Steve's book has helped me immensely. Now there is a good tempo to practice with new drills, and the kids love it!"

Mike Dutra
Coastal Tritons Pee Wee
San Diego, California

"Helped The Dads Become More Organized"

coach gary wynn

"Since most of our youth coaches are dads who may have played years ago or not at all, I'm always looking for resources that can effectively explain drills and show how to plan an effective practice. Steve's guide has helped these dads become more organized and our kids are leaning more and having fun."

Gary Wynn,
Solomons Steelers
St. Leonard, MD

"11-12 Year Old Team Wins League Championship"

eric carrier

"The Livonia Orioles JV team won the WLJFL Championship in 2006. We use the basic dills and daily planner. We got more work done in less time, which gave us more time to run plays. Thanks coach Steve for getting all the coaches together in this form."
Eric Carrier
Livonia Orioles
WJFL 11-12 Year Old Champs

"9-0, Conference Champs!"

"We were 9-0 and conference champs.  Your drills were helpful in improving the performance of our players and team.  The drills are thoroughly explained and diagrammed making them easy to implement.  The practice plans make preparing for practice easier because they highlight drills appropriate for the level of players." 

David Sandlin  
Sugar Land, TX

"Makes It Easy To Coach The Game"

robert holland

"My focus is to be sure my coaches are all on the same page in terms of philosophy.  Your system makes it easy to coach the game. 

PS - If other coaches ask, I'll be keeping this info to myself....(sorry, I'm a little competitive)"  

Coach Robert Holland 
Coquitlam Wildcats 
Coquitlam, B.C., Canada

"Works For All Age and Ability Groups"

"My favorite part of the book was the many different drills for the wide range of abilities and age groups.  This gave our coaching staff the ability to pick and choose the drills that would be most beneficial for our kids.  Our team is composed of 6-8 graders, so there is considerable skill difference between the age groups. 

Your playbook had something we could use for all age and ability groups." 

Trent Price 
South Lincoln Falcons 
Fayetteville, Tennessee

"Your Material Gives Me An UNFAIR Advantage!"

chuck salisbury

"It was very clear to me that your material was prepared by someone who has lots of experience coaching kids. I understood and could relate to everything being presented. The drills had a purpose and the kids learned while getting in shape. Using your material made my kids better...much better than the competition. It's an unfair advantage. But then, that's what I was looking for." 

Chuck Salisbury
Mission Viejo Cowboys
Mission Viejo, CA

 "Houston Team Goes 18-0"

"I tried your program because I heard it was the best.  The practice schedules helped tremendously.  We went 18-0!"

Ray Vasquez 
Northwest Panthers 
Houston Texas

"Practical and Easy To Implement"

coach duane dennis

"The drills were very practical and easy to implement. We accomplished almost all of our team goals, finishing 8-3 and making it to the quarterfinals of the playoffs.  The "football drills and practice plans " were intregal to our success."

Duane Dennis 
Norcross Blue Devils 
Norcross, Georgia

"Takes Me Only A Couple Minutes To Plan Practice!"

"Football Drills & Practice Plans allows me to be more organized before, during, and after practice.  Using the pre-designed practice plan only takes me a couple minutes to plan out a day's practice.  They are very comprehensive and time was broken down to the minute!"  

A Nagata 
Konawaena High School 
Kealakekua, Hawaii

"Literally Took Moments To Prepare For Practice!"

"Using the practice plans it literally took moments to prepare!

My favorite part is the ability to delegate drills w/ instructions to volunteers who may have never been involved with football prior to their child playing.  This allowed me to be able to have more training stations and consiquently a more productive practice. 

Our record was 7-2, and I feel like the practice plans allowed the kids to achieve personal goals.  Players were able to showcase there skills using target drills for specific positions, therefore there were a lot of players in different positions after using Football Drills & Practice Plans." 

Lonnie Schultz 
Lawrenceville Jr. Pro INDIANS 
Lawrenceville, IL

"Mighty Mite Team Goes 9-0"

bob stidd

"Our team record was 9-0... and we only allowed 4 touchdowns all season!"

Bob Stidd 
Mighty Mite Blue Chiefs 
Lake Havasu City
Arizona USA

"5-0 Start"

"So far, our record is a perfect 5-0 record. The drills help me address specific parts of my team."  

Jerry Thompson 
Yonkers Gladiators 
Yonkers New York

"Saves Me Half The Preparation Time"

yannick thibault

"Using the practice plans saves me half the preparation time.  My favorite part was the various football drills for each position."

Yannick Thibault, Head Coach
Responsable Béliers Football
Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, Canada

"Helped Me Enjoy Coaching"

"Football Drills & Practice Plans I feel helped me to enjoy the coaching aspect of the game.  I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who envisions coaching a youth football team.  Why?  Because Steve's system does the heavy lifting and your along for the ride to enjoy teaching and being with the kids!" 

Lou Ortiz 
Woodbury Falcons 
Woodbury, MN

"Major Improvements For 5-6 Year Old Team"

"Made practice interesting for the 5 and 6 year olds I was coaching.  There was major improvement from the beginning of the season to the end."   

Paul Rowley 
Arvada Dragons 

"No More Wasted Time"

"The drills were fundamentally sound, and the practice plans cut down my preparation time eliminating so much wasted time and research." 

Lloyd Crayton 
3A Team Texas Bulldogs 
Mesquite, Texas

"Makes My Practice More Efficient"

"No matter your success in the past good or not so good you'll find something in this material that will benefit your football program.  Steve's system gives practice a more smooth flow and we can still concentrate on skills, fundementals and team  drills in one pracitce.  The plans definitely organize my time and makes practice more efficient." 

Greg Shehee 
Columbus Scarlet Knights 
Columbus, Ohio

"Very Helpful For New Coaches"

coach jean

"I found it very helpfull especially to help my new coaches in the staff who are starting in football coaching."

Coach Jean
Lions Football
Quebec, Canada

"Just Plug and Play"

"The drills and practice plans have helped me get myself and my staff ready for the upcoming season early and well prepared.  I merely just plug in the drills that I think my team needs to work on.  I liked the way it was presented. It wasn't a "know it all" approach. I liked that I could get additional updates at no extra charge, develope a close relationship with Steve Tucker, and be a part of a forum of all other coaches involved in this program."

Coach Chris Lyons 
Pop Warner Coach
North Middlesex Outlaws
Northern Middlesex County, Massachusetts USA

"I Sleep Better At Night"

"Having the Printable Practice Plans gives me one less thing I need to worry about. And most of my worry takes place at night so I sleep better!"

Eric Woodson
South Carolina

"Drills I Can Use Now, And When My Boys Are Older"

todd kepler

"Your ebook gave me drill options that I can use now when my boys are young and drills I can implement as they get older. My record was 6-0-2 for the regular season  It was a huge help because it gave me drill options to run throughout the year that I was not previously aware of."  

Todd Kepler 
McAdenville Dolphins
(5-6 Yr Olds)
McAdenville, NC

"I Recommend It To Every Coach"

"After trying other training guides I tried "Football Drills & Practice Plans" and realized this was the best choice for my guys. This is exceptional work and I recommend it for every young coach out there trying to get started."

Vincent Cokley
Norfolk, Va

In just a moment, I'm gonna show you how to quickly and easily propel your football team to winning more games than you ever thought imaginable.

(and make your role as a coach 100 times easier and more enjoyable than it’s ever been before)

In the past 12 months alone,  over 2,905 busy football coaches just like you have tapped into the “Insider Secrets” that sent their teams skyrocketing to the top of the standings...

With very little time, and almost no effort.

It doesn't matter how little (or how much) experience you have as a football coach... or how poorly your team is playing right now...

You can instantly start blowing your competition off the field with a prolific offensive attack... punishing, stingy defense... and finely tuned special teams execution.

(even if your players are small, slow or unathletic)

I know it sounds a bit crazy... maybe even a little hard to believe. 

So before we go any further, lemme show you the specific kinds of results I’m talking about...

Dave Surfus was severely bummed out after a 1-9 season... and was tired of ad-libbing his practices.

After stumbling across this website, he implemented my football coaching system... and even HE was shocked at his team's astonishing turnaround.

Here's how he describes it...

"Shocking Turnaround... From 1-9 to 12-1!"

"Last year, the team finished 1-9 and did not make the play-offs.

This year, we were 12-1. Our team finished first in our division and went all the way to the "Super Bowl"!

Your system gave us a disciplined practice schedule which kept the boys focused for two hours, involved and interested in what we were trying to teach."  

Dave Surfus 
Visalia Fighting Irish 
Visalia, California USA


Pati is a highly regarded teacher and varsity coach on the island of American Samoa.

This past season, he cut his practice time IN HALF... and still went on to dominate his high school division and win the league championship.

This is how he describes it in his own words:

"10-2, High School League Champions!"

"We incorporated the "Football Drills and Practice Plans" into our football program this year. 

It takes me and my coaching staff only 10 minutes before the start of practice to go over what needs to be done for the day.  With the practice plans we don't waste any time, we just follow the plan.

In previous seasons we practiced 3-4 hours a day.  But this year we practiced only 2 to 2 1/2 hours a day!  We were much more organized, so we completed alot more things within a short period of time.

With your help, our record this year was 10-2, and we were the American Samoa High School Athletics Island Wide Champions this year!"    

Pati T. Pati 
Leone High School Lions 
Pago Pago, American Samoa


And check out this spectacular turnaround story from Coach John Moffit in Oregon...

"From Middle of the Pack to League Champs!"

"Last year, we were 3 and 5, middle of the pack.

This season we were 8 and 1 and won the league championship! 

Overall the skill level of the kids improved greatly and we had several compliments on the skills the kids knew and employed during the game.

Your drills and plans helped develop a stronger practice program to develop these skills in fun ways that the kids enjoy."

John Moffit 
Stanfield Wildcats 
Echo Oregon

So What’s Their Secret?

What do these coaches know that you don’t? 

The fact is... most rookie coaches (as well as many "vets") murder their chances of success before they even walk onto the field.

Because they completely miss the one simple strategy that truly creates a high performance football team:

Practice Planning  
The RIGHT Way! 

If you've ever watched a great youth or high school practice.. you've already seen this principle in action...

The drills are fun... competitive... and follow a natural skill progression…

Every coach is on the same page, and sticks to a precise practice schedule.

All your players get detailed instruction on the specific fundamentals of their position...

AND the chance to go head-to-head against their teammates in small group and "game situation" drills.

Each activity flows smoothly from one to another… new concepts are grasped immediately…

And your team gets instantly “programmed” with every skill, tactic and play...


So when it comes to game time, YOUR kids are better trained, better prepared, and better coached

And they completely dominate your competition while you sit back and enjoy the moment.

But if effective practice planning was easy, then every Tom, Dick and Harry would be coaching a championship caliber team.

The fact is... practice planning ain't easy.  It's complex, time consuming, and nerve-racking.

But it doesn't have to be...

Because I've prepared a very special package just for you...

And if you act today, you can get your hands my championship-proven stash of

30 "Clipboard Ready"
Pre-Designed Practice Plans!

You'll never be stuck flat-footed on the field, wondering "What the heck am I gonna do next?"

'Cuz these "magic" football blueprints are completely pre-formulated with a minute-by-minute program...

Guaranteed To Eliminate Football Coaching Stress!

Each practice plan is jam-packed with easy-to-implement, outrageously effective football drills that are customizable for any level - from Mitey Mite to Varsity High School.

And every drill is explained in plain English with step by step instructions and coaching tips.

In fact, this coaching resource is chock-full of so many championship-proven blocking, tackling, conditioning, throwing, catching, running, and game prep drills…

You’ll never struggle for practice ideas again!

Here’s a small taste of what you’ll discover inside "Football Drills and Practice Plans."

147 UNIQUE, FUN and EFFECTIVE football drills explained with step by step instructions. 

I GUARANTEE you'll find tons that you've never run before.

30 Pre-Designed Clipboard Ready Practice Plans... fully printable and ready for instant use!
The simple 7 step formula even a “rookie coach" can use to design super-efficient, masters-level practices that’ll have opposing coaches jealously spying from the bleachers
The biggest mistake new coaches make when running football tryouts (and how to avoid this embarrassing slip-up)

31 battle tested Offensive Line drills that will develop pit-bull-like aggression and have your team owning the line of scrimmage... even if your linemen are small, slow and afraid of contact!  Including...

  • Hat On Dummy
  • Pancake Drill
  • "Camera on your Back"
How to get out of the practice rut!  Players like variety – and there is life after laps around the field!

6 football-specific team conditioning drills to dramatically increase quickness, agility, and endurance, including:

  • Footfire and Drop
  • The Worm
  • Zig Zag Agility Drill
How to develop a tenacious defense that digs in and protects it's territory like a pack of wild dogs 

How to break down complex skills and teach each movement in a way that kids understand (this simple strategy really works... even if you've never coached football before!)

With printable practice plans... the "dirty work" is already done for you. 

So you can stop stressing about football practice and focus on the important things in life!

"Saves You Time & Allows You To
Spend More time With The Family"

"Steve's system saves you time and allows you to spend a little more time with the family (and if Mama is happier we are all happier).  It made sense and was easy to follow.

Previously, our team had won 1 game in 2 years.  With the ideas we have taken from his site, we went 5 and 4 and the JV was undefeated! (the first winning record in several years)"

Mark Einarson 
Grafton Spoilers 
Grafton ND

A truly “no brainer” (yet usually overlooked) way to establish your running game early in the season

How to customize practice for the specific skill requirements of YOUR kids 

(this system features practice planning strategies for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Level Teams)

The single most important football skill young players need to learn

35 Quarterback and Receiver drills that'll have your offense picking apart the opposition with razor-sharp routes and pinpoint passing, including:

  • Passing Tree
  • Pocket Pressure
  • High-Low Passing

(WARNING: you’ll rack up so many easy touchdowns… the scoreboard might just explode!)

20 innovative game-preparation drills that keep your practices fun and fresh (and deliver head-shaking results!).  For example...

  • Half Skeleton
  • Blitz Read
  • Hole Numbers

The key to running pre-practice warm-ups that get your athletes mentally focused and ready to work their butts off

(and why 8 out of 10 coaches get this DEAD WRONG)

The CORRECT way to structure your water breaks

(do this wrong and you could seriously risk the health of your players!)

14 skill building drills designed just for your Defensive Linemen and Linebackers, including:

  • Rip, Swim and Bull Rush
  • Target Blitz
  • Shed the Blocker and Tackle

Minute by minute practice formulas including warm-up, fundamentals, group work, and game prep....

Everything is broken down in step by step detail… so you’re never left on the field wondering what to do next.

How to teach a “skill progression”… starting with the basic fundamentals and working up to advanced techniques

(kids learn skills 3-5 times faster when structured this way!)

"Insider" tips that will help your receivers exploit a porous secondary!

24 Running Backs drills, explained in step by step detail and built right into the practice plans, including:

  • Hide and Seek Drill
  • Strip Drill
  • Juke, Spin, Stiff Arm Drill

"More Production From My Running Backs"

"The plans were very detailed and user friendly.  It helped achieve team goals by using fundamental repetitions to get more push off of the offensive line as well as more production from running backs.  Loved the easy e-book format that I could save automatically to file and resort to at my convenience." 

Justin Cruz 
Kapolei High School Hurricanes 
Kapolei HI, USA

How to pound it out on the ground and take it to the big house with ease... even if you have ZERO running game right now
Does running suicide sprints really work?  I’ll reveal insider advice on the best way to motivate your team to work hard in practice
How to teach your kids to play aggressive, smash-mouth football (even if you're undersized)
Printable practice plans -- clipboard ready.  All the fun of coaching, without the hassle.

8 ways to inject intensity and competition into your practices

(Hint: it's all about simulating game situations)

Get your players' competitive juices flowing with 47 "Group Work" drills.

  • Quarterbacks & Receivers VS Defensive Backs
  • Running Backs VS Linebackers 
  • Offensive Linemen VS Defensive Linemen & Linebackers
How to teach pass protection in 3 easy steps (you'll be shocked and amazed at how quickly your offensive production will skyrocket when you master these simple techniques)
Parents: Give your little guy a headstart, with 17 drills designed just for "future stars"

How to teach your linebackers to change direction quickly, then take the correct angle to close for the tackle

Your players and their parents will be utterly amazed and blown away with your coaching IQ (even if this is all new to you!). 

5 wildly effective Special Teams drills you can run at your very next practice
Impress seasoned football parents with your new knowledge of the game

How to use the “Footfire” drill to develop mind-blowing lateral quicks and “stop-on-a-dime” agility

(even the clumsiest kid will be cutting and juking like an All-Pro running back)

21 mega-effective drills for your Defensive Backs, including:

  • Backpedal and Change Direction
  • Mirror Drill
  • Bat down Drill
How to crank up the “fun factor” in your practice… while keeping your players focused and motivated (HINT: it’s all about using “competitive drills”)

And much, much more.

You'll have a virtual encyclopedia of football know-how that’s designed specifically for coaches. 

And it’s organized into fully searchable chapters, so you'll actually use it over and over.

Think of all the time you'll save... and how good it'll feel to run a mega-efficient practice that's guaranteed to impress ANY assistant coach, team parent or school official.

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Special Bonus Report #1

"Football Tryout Secrets"

($35 Value)

Do you dread tryouts?    

This special report gives you a step by step formula that's easily customizable for either competitive teams OR "no-cut" teams.

You'll have all the tools you need to select the right players for the right positions (without caving in to political pressure)

Learn the closely guarded secrets of my Team Selection Matrix, a scientific approach to evaluating your pool of talent
How to choose the optimal number of players for your team - targeted advice for all levels of competition
Insider tips on how to announce your cuts (Here's a hint: posting the team roster on the gym bulletin board is bound to backfire!)
How to insulate yourself and protect your tryouts from prying parents and nosy officials
How to pick the best players for the end of your bench.  This time-tested secret may surprise you!
What to look for when filling each of the positions for your team.... detailed skill requirements for every spot
A fresh approach on the value of Attitude, Coachability, Athleticism, and Potential.  How to decide the importance of these factors when selecting your team
A ready-made Football Tryout Plan, with minute-by-minute instructions from start to finish.  Two full hours of drills and coaching tips to isolate fundamental strengths and weaknesses.
And much more....


Special Bonus #2

"Lifetime Updates"

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The game of football is constantly changing...  These updates will keep you on the cutting edge of developments in the sport.

All updates to my football Drills & Practice Plans will be delivered directly to your inbox, free of charge.  You'll receive:

Weekly video content featuring drills, plays and coaching strategies

Coaching tips, articles, and advice

Recommended resources for coaching certification, football equipment and more
Opportunities to network and share knowledge with other youth coaches
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Just follow the step by step drill instructions, use the coaching tips, and let the practice unfold.

(each plan is formulated to be 100% dummy-proof, no matter how little coaching experience you have)

And while your team is zipping through the drills like greased lightning, dramatically improving their skills and having loads of fun while your practice runs on "auto-pilot"...

You can sit back and smile with complete confidence...

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Test drive one of my Football Practice Plans.  If you don't have the Best Practice your team has EVER had

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You can take a full 60 days before you decide one way or another (even though I'm positive you'll see results in your very next practice).

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To a successful season,


- Coach Steve Tucker


PS - Remember: The Football Drills & Practice Plans have to produce immediate, dramatic results at your very next practice, or I don't expect you to pay for it.

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PPS - Still not convinced?  Check out these amazing success stories from coaches just like you...

"I Was Skeptical... But Your Program Is Exceptional"

"I have been coaching for 17 years. Steve, your program is exceptional.

To be honest, I am always skeptical of buying information on the internet with the hope it fullfills the needs I desire for my team.

bill marrYour program does and it really helps make the practices and tryouts perfectly structured. Keep up the good work and the updates are much appreciated.

Your program is a must for all coaches in the Youth programs."

Bill Marr
Mokena, IL

"Astounding Results In Short Amount Of Time"

"The kind of production and results that Ive already seen in this short of amount of time with my team has been astounding and its due to the improved, organized practices.  This was my first season of coaching and I didnt get your program until mid season.  Our record prior to me getting your program was 1-3.  We finished the year 6-4!  Practice plans got the whole team involved in practice and I was able to utilize more players at more positions...!!!"

Paul Whiton 
Athletes Corner Youth Football
Longview , WA

"I Knew Right There... I Did My Job"

"The Football drills really helped me teach kids the basic Techniques of football. I ran alot of the offensive drills every practice.

I had a boy that really wanted to play WR but was very green. In one of our playoff games he caught a 60yd pass and ran it down to the goal line. I knew right there I did my job. 

If you are a new coach and looking for a guide to help you plan and feel confident in what you are  teaching your kids at practice then this is the book."

Darren Lindsey 
Lino Lakes, MN Youth Football 
Lino Lakes, MN

"The Kids Achieved Personal Goals"

"Using the practice plans it literally took moments to prepare!

My favorite part is the ability to delegate drills w/ instructions to volunteers who may have never been involved with football prior to their child playing.  This allowed me to be able to have more training stations and consiquently a more productive practice. 

Our record was 7-2, and I feel like the practice plans allowed the kids to achieve personal goals.  Players were able to showcase there skills using target drills for specific positions, therefore there were a lot of players in different positions after using Football Drills & Practice Plans." 

Lonnie Schultz 
Lawrenceville Jr. Pro INDIANS 
Lawrenceville, IL


Questions? contact me at steve [at]