Youth Flag Football

Many coaches struggle with new ideas for [tag]drills[/tag] for [tag]youth flag football[/tag].  Here is one suggestion that works well.  Keep em coming!Youth Flag Football

From Dennis,
I currently [tag]coach[/tag] 5-7 yr old [tag]flag football[/tag]. One of the big problems I have found is that they rarely take good angles to the ball carrier. I use this [tag]football[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] at the end of every practice and it helps the kids in learning the proper angle to take while also [tag]conditioning[/tag] them.

I hold two footballs. I throw one to the other end of the field. Each child has to chase the football and actually touch it. After they touch it I will run as if I am returning a kick in their direction, cutting, joking etc. Each child must touch the ball carrier in order for the [tag]practice[/tag] to end. This teaches them how to take good angles.

It’s another excellent conditioning drill and it also teaches them to never give up on a play. Hope this helps!!

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