Video: The Importance of Preparing a Blitz Package

youth football blitz package

It’s essential for youth football coaches to create a blitz package that they can refer to throughout the season.

The main benefit of building a youth football blitz package is that it allows you to be time-efficient because you don’t have to come up with a blitz each week—you have an already-built package of inventory to choose from.

Other benefits of developing a blitz package–and some tips–discussed in the above video include:

1. The teaching progression fits in with your system! Make sure you start at the beginning and work through each step.

2. Be careful with your language. All your coaches should use the very same language and say the same things. They should use the “same as” principle that’s critical in coaching.

3. Make sure you have a purpose for your blitz and that it’s effective—that you’re not just running it to run it.

4. It’s necessary to put your opposition’s quarterback in a whirlwind. If you can get him a little bit concerned and you put him in a situation where he’s uncomfortable and worried about the number of hits you’re getting on him.

5. It’s fun! This helps your players want to do it. They’re able to have fun and get involved with the blitz package.

Do you create a blitz package for your youth football team? If not, do you think you will from now on? Sound off in the comments below!

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