Youth Football Coaching – Use Varsity Playbooks

This is a good [tag]youth football coaching[/tag] tip for all youth [tag]football coach[/tag]es. It was taught to me by my coaches and my mentors.  We run the exact same playbook as our varsity.

All of our kids are required to attend our next town over rivalry game. I make my players pay extra attention to what the kids in their positions do on certain plays, such as guards pulling, etc.Youth Football Coaching

When we have an awesome [tag]football play[/tag] that nets us 10-15 yards (or better yet a TD), or if we intercept a pass or sack, things of that nature, I point it out to them and make them report to me what the offense or defense did that made that play work.

Then we focus on that one play in [tag]football practice[/tag] until we get it down to a science. This has proved to be a very successful technique since we run that on play 5-10 times the next game until we make it work.  I also make them pay attention to the other teams offense, but more importantly defense, because like our team, most youth teams in our league build off of the varsity playbooks.

I always tell my kids that the best training they can receive next to practice is observation and paying attention.

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