Practice Drills for Youth Football

As you are getting ready for the new season, try these [tag]youth football practice drills[/tag] with your team. The kids love them and the results are immediate.

Running Back Drill
Our new arrivals who appear to be potential [tag]running back[/tag]s need to learn to take the handoff without looking at the [tag]football[/tag].  I have them run dives or powers a few times and watch their eyes.  If they look down at the ball to take the handoff I blindfold them and have them run again.  They learn the quarterback is responsible to get the ball placed correctly.  After a half dozen runs they never look down again but keep their eyes up to see the hole develop.

Blind, Angle Football Drill
This is a [tag]football drill[/tag] to use with your 8-11 year old players:
Have two lines 10 yards across with one with the football looking at the other, while the other has their backs turned.
Set up cones to left and right to simulate holes, and on the whistle, have the runner with ball go for a hole, and have the player with his back turned jump around and make angle pursuit and tackle.

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