Football Drills Offensive Line – O-Line Heads Up

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Part of making football practice fun is making little competitive moments out of the football drills. Here are football drills offensive line that became an instant team hit!

O-Line Heads Up
Place about 10 of the small, flat cones in a straight row on the pitch.
That is how you score this drill.
Starting at one end of the row of cones, with a football coach holding an arm bag, the O-Linemen begins drive blocking the coach; he gets a point for every cone he is able to push the coach back.

Next step is to add a linebacker. He stands at the opposite end of row of cones.
All he has to do is run straight past the O-Lineman and coach.
The O-Lineman is responsible to step out and pick up the blitzing linebacker.
(hence the heads up name of the drill)
Next step up to this drill is: Switch out the coach to D-Lineman
Final step up to this drill: Have 2 O-Lineman do this drill, (now you get a really big push up the line of cones) and the Linebacker should be picked up more easily.
Since there are 2 O-Lineman and they are looking up field for him.

I really enjoyed running this progressive football drill. While I was holding the arm bag, I was able to correct posture and stance very easily.

Whenever the team gets into a drill, they start cheering and clapping, then I know I have a winner of a drill!

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