Sack Drill

Here's a great drill to teach and reinforce correct tackling fundamentals, good footwork, and a nose for the football.

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Karate Football Defensive Line Drill


Purpose To teach defensive players how to control the hand fight between them and an offensive lineman. Set Up Have players pair off with teammates of similar size and strength, and stand

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Screen Reaction Footbal Defense Drill

Screen Reaction Drill

Purpose To teach defensive lineman how to react to and pursue the ball on a screen pass. Set Up Have four defensive linemen lay down on their backs,with their heads on the

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Shed Block Drill

Purpose To work on defeating blocks, pursuit, and tackling. Drill Setup You’ll need a coach with a blocking shield, and a tackling dummy. The defensive players should form a line about 5-7

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Bad Ball Drill

Purpose To work on a players ability to make difficult catches. Set Up Have the receivers form a single file line, and stand about 15-20 yards in front of it. You’ll also

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Fill The Gap Drill

Purpose To teach proper pursuit and tackling techniques. Set Up Line up 4 dummy bags about 2 yards apart, with a final cone 5 yards after the last bag. You’ll also need

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Breakthrough Drill

Purpose Teaching runners to stay low, run with power and be decisive Drill Setup Have two defensive players line up side by side with blocking bags Have a third defensive player line

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Inline Tackling Drill

Purpose This drill is a half speed, game-like drill that simulates shedding a block, creating a pursuit angle and stopping a ball carrier at the line of scrimmage. Set Up Set up

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shake and bake football drill

Shake and Bake Drill

Drill Type:   Defensive Line Drill Purpose Very effective in stopping an offensive lineman from kicking back and taking him to where you surface to get to the quarterback; it also allows

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The Redirect Drill

Drill Type:   Defensive Line Drill Purpose This defensive line drill focuses on having a quick reaction, getting across the line, finding the ball, and getting to it in the shortest line

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draw and screen youth football defensive drill

Draw and Screen Drill

Drill Type:   Pass Rush Drill Purpose Allows players to gain better take-off, great movement and acceleration to the quarterback. Set Up Set up 4 pop up dummies onthe line of scrimmage. Place

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linebacker drill

Score Tackling Drill

Drill Type:   Defense Drill Purpose This drill emphasizes getting in front of ball carriers and attacking them square. Set Up Set up 4 bags, or 4 lines of cones (3 cones deep)

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